We are building a trusted community on the web. The Internet is too crowded with people bragging about themselves. Let’s see what people they know say about them.

Review people you know and connect with the trusted strangers. Meeting strangers is always exciting! Just be sure to check their reviews and their percentile.

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Callitme is a crowd powered people review network where you can review your friends & family, match your single friends, anonymously ask your crush out for a date, and find singles around you.

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You have reviewed products and businesses, now you get to review people.


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Callitme started as a class project at Harvard where the initial idea was to match two friends who were too shy to express their feelings. Today, with added features, Callitme has become your hub for people review, match making and social dating.

Profiles to check out

Ross Ford
Jackelyn Figueroa
Gloria Baby
Clara Felix

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Sumit Srivastava
Sapna Tuladhar
Yogendra Tamang
Niladri Patra

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Ash Shrivastav
Riti Patel
Nikhil Monga
Pankaj Shrivastava

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