Amar Thapa

Kalika Multiple Campus, Pokhara, Nepal

What Amar says I am AMAR THAPA age of 33 years old. working in UAE Abu Dhabi as a security officer. I spend here 5 years and still continuous. I have Dad, Mom and 3 sisters. They got married already. Regarding my job I am satisfy and family also happy for that. last year I went to nepal for marriage, I faced almost 15 ladies but didn't impressed anyone after conversation because of their attitude.Most of them doesn't want to stay at home. as per their demand I have to take aboard with me. it's not possible from my side, I don't want to leave my parents alone at home. if for visit like 2-3 month it's ok . 5 ladies rejected me because of my job & working country. I am looking for that lady who can handle my family, support to me for every truning of life, keep good relationship with relatives, always smily, make me alert if I am going to do something wrong.

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