Khushman Deomurari

I'm hard-working, goal-oriented, descent, caring, confident,and fun loving.I am an excellent dancer. My Hobbies include dancing, singing, music, travelling to new places, pets, computer programming and net surfing.I do Yoga and Gym regularly. I am not a chauvinist. I understand that there is lot of giving in a woman's life and I respect them for that. I believe that we can solve any problem by talking and understanding. My Dad holds a doctorate from IIT and has worked as a research associate in institutions like IIT and TIFR. He was working as a professor head of department in University and is now retired. My two brothers are also working in software firms. They are based in Pune and USA respectively. My parents are currently settled in M.P. We are an open minded family and we don't believe in dowry.

Lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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