Riya Sharma

I am an open minded person who believes life can be beautiful if you are surrounded by good people. If there's one thing I would not want in a friend or my partner is negativity. I am a very optimistic Sagittarius, trying to see the best even in the worst of the situations and would wish to be around somebody who would feel the same. Negative people and negativity just kill my vibe so I try my best to be around people who have a nice heart and I usually judge people based on this. Looks do matter, esp height but I would not judge a person just based on the outward appearance. I am not that superficial! A person should be beautiful from inside, the outside is just a bonus. Average looking with a good height and a pleasing personality would be just as good. If I have to describe myself, I would say that I am a very honest person. Lies are something I am not good with except for those occasional white lies I use in situations where somebody benefits from it, but I am not very good at with either. I like to travel a lot and explore new places. I am always up for adventures provided I have a like-minded company. I am a theist who believes in fate and Karma. I believe whatever happens, happens for good and happens because of god. I don't know if I am more spiritual or more religious. I love meditating and spending time in the nature.I love universe and the mysteries related to it. I spend most of my nights watching stars and their movements.I love monsoons and particularly fond of going on long drives on a rainy day. I would not mind getting out in the rain either. I am particularly fond of animals and own dogs whom I treat like my children. I am very fond of kids and elderly people and get along with them very much. I would never get along with someone who would not be respectful towards elders and women. I enjoy listening to the music, enjoy cooking and have learned a little bit of cocktail mixing that I used to do for my dad. I am still an amateur but learning! I don't normally drink but wouldn't mind social drinkers. I don't like people who do not take care of their health and body esp smokers. I have a hard time with them. I like experimenting with the dishes when I have some free time. Family means a lot to me and I am very close to my family and would expect the same from my partner. I like to write poems, watch movies. I've had a lot of proposals coming my way but I believe in destiny and unless my core value matches with someone, I am not willing to settle for less. I don't believe in jumping relationships and hence very careful because I am looking for a long term relationship with a "happily-ever after" ending. Yes, I can be a sugar coated idealist at times but I don't mind. I am looking for someone who has a pure soul, someone who doesn't know what manipulation is, what mind games are. Someone who is honest, sensible, practical, humble at the same time emotionally strong. I am looking for a bond so strong that there would be no space for ego, anger, hatred, infidelity, lies and manipulation. I'm a very giving person when it comes to relationship and would want somebody with a big heart too. Someone with whom I could talk about the universe, politics, life, philosophy, books, music, food, family et cetera all night&still not get enough. I am a very mature person and I don't gel with immature people. I am not looking for a boy. I;m looking for a man who can not just take care of himself but also me. Somebody who would always be there to encourage me to be a better person and would continually motivate me if I lack determination&of course I'd do the same. Someone with a decent family background& who knows what family values are. Somebody who is independent&needs no body to tell him what he needs to do.Men who can mend things as well as wear aprons are like icing on the cake. Someone with a good music taste and who can create music and good with instruments are my favorite people! Thanks for going through my profile.

Lives in Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Central Development Region, Nepal

Went to Institute of Engineering and Technology(IET), Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

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