Debendra Shrestha

Debendra Shrestha

Born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal. Honest, fun loving, simple, easy and outgoing, down-to-earth, no drama or games. Enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, jogging; relax and watch movies, and sometimes travel and adventurous person. Age barrier is not a factor for me. Despite to my older age, I have lots of energy that you may not keep up. Currently living in San Diego for 27 years; Working in biotech industries as a Research/QC Specialist. Divorced with 8 years old daughter shared child custody. Looking for a life partner to grow old with; honest, good nature, hardworking, patient nature, sense of humor, and health conscious, who will complement and good company in my journey life. Cheers!

Lives in San Diego, CA, USA

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