Do you like someone secretly? Ask your crush out for coffee anonymously

Invite your crush on date anonymously with Callitme

We have seen our crushes becoming someone else’s wife or husband. We simply were not comfortable in asking our crush out. We were too scared, feared rejection. Naturally, we don’t like to be rejected. Especially by someone who we really like. It breaks out heart. The world seems to be falling apart. The world seems […]

New Apps Inspired by Callitme’s People Review

Peeple Website states “We are a concept that has never been done before in a digital space.” Peeple, you are wrong. We received several emails and text messages from people who were familiar with Callitme. The buzz was that an App called Peeple had launched.  We were kinda surprised why there was so much buzz […]

Don’t Just Connect With Your Friends – Find, Connect and Meet Amazing People


You don’t have to go online to connect with your friends. They are already your friends. On Callitme, you can find some amazing people and connect with them. You had so many friends when you were in high school. The day you all left for college, you found yourself without any friends around you. You […]

Meeting Strangers is Fun – Take it Normally


Somehow we got a perception that strangers are weird and you should stay away from them. We don’t really believe in that. We were all strangers to someone who we know today. When we get out of our comfort zones to meet new people and make new friends, we do enjoy life more. Do you […]

Tired of Hearing all the Humble Brags?


We have seen people making so much noise about themselves on various websites. Everyone is showing off how cool they, what great things the have done, how are so unique or why should you really become their fan. Callitme puts that “self brag” to test. Just search for someone you will find out who they […]

Humanize your brand with Callitme – Learn to bond with your customers

Callitme, the first and only social platform which allows people review other people, provides multiple other benefits. First, you think of your business, but there are some health benefits of using this platform as well, but we’ll talk about them later. Back to business, social networking platforms bring people together. In terms of business, this […]

How to build trust online?

Building trust online has become increasingly difficult as more and more fake profiles are created. Search for an individual yields hundreds of results. Several of them created by individuals themselves and many of them by scraping the web. Most of the profiles are inaccurate, unreliable and at least questionable. That’s it’s important to have an […]