Anonymous Dating Requests – How Callitme was born

Someone asked, “So, what’s the difference between a dating site and Callitme?”.  Callitme is not a typical online dating site.  In fact, we hated the fuckin’ idea of online blind dating; that’s why Callitme was born.  Callitme is not or  Callitme was born with one inherent human behavioral issue that exists in every society–we don’t want to be rejected. At least, we don’t want to be exposed among our circles when someone rejects us.  Especially, when that “someone” is a “very special” one. Well, we chose to solve the puzzle with a very simple game–the randomness that confuses the receiver. Your crush wouldn’t know that you are the one who has a crush and if your crush has a crush on someone else, match that crush. There was no poking or random hooking up shit involved. It simply asked for a polite way of asking out for lunch or biking or group study. Everything in a much decent way. Obviously, it was a small class project and a generous grade of B was honored. The small few pager website worked, but we had no idea what to do after that. So we left the site as it was and the number of game players increased. It was a terrible, low technology website. Some users were reporting issues with the site and we didn’t know whether to waste time fixing those issues. Finally, we brought the site down. Within few months, several websites and apps based on the same idea were born. We were like…wtf!

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