Anonymously Invite Your Crush on a Date | Anonymous Requests

There are many people who never dared to express their feelings for their crush because they were either introvert, or feared rejection. In some instances, there were mutual crushes but they both feared rejection and as a result, they never approached their crush. Some have found that they had mutual crush only after they were married to others for several years. Many individuals have been through this situation of awkwardness. By using callitme platform, you are not at risk of being rejected. callitme’s  Anonymous Request features eliminates that uncertainty. callitme does not reveal your identity until the receiver also confirms that he or she has the same feelings for you. This prevents any awkwardness that might arise between the two of you if only you have feelings for the receiver. If the receiver has the same feelings as you do, callitme will disclose it to both of you. Once you log in to callitme account, you are able to send a request for coffee, biking or group study to another user of opposite gender. For example, if you, a male, send a request to a female, she receives a request in email and on the web under “incoming requests” that one of the callitme users is interested in having coffee with her. If receiver clicks on you, both you and her are not notified. If she chooses someone else other than you, the request goes in loop to find a match.

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