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Online cold dating stinks! Fall in love with social dating at Callitme

The best people who really know you most closely are your friends, families and relatives.  Callitme platform provides an opportunity for you to write a personal review for the people that you know best with much accurate description. Callitme match making feature allows your families, relatives and friends to match you with someone they know […]

Anonymously Invite Your Crush on a Date | Anonymous Requests

There are many people who never dared to express their feelings for their crush because they were either introvert, or feared rejection. In some instances, there were mutual crushes but they both feared rejection and as a result, they never approached their crush. Some have found that they had mutual crush only after they were […]

People Review | Review your friends, family…virtually anyone

We have rated and reviewed products, services and businesses. We have written  professional recommendations for others and received for ourselves. Now, we will review people.  Is someone #marriagable, #dateable, #workable or #social? Find out at callitme. Websites such as LinkedIn provided a platform for users to ask for professional review and sites like Yelp helped […]

Anonymous Dating Requests – How Callitme was born

Someone asked, “So, what’s the difference between a dating site and Callitme?”.  Callitme is not a typical online dating site.  In fact, we hated the fuckin’ idea of online blind dating; that’s why Callitme was born.  Callitme is not or  Callitme was born with one inherent human behavioral issue that exists in every […]

So, what’s a good way to explain what Callitme is!

Let’s keep it simple: Callitme is your crowd profiling network where you can review your friends & family, match your single friends, anonymously ask your crush out for a date, and find singles around you. Callitme is: People review site (remember reviewing products, businesses? well now you get to review people. see in real time […]