Do you like someone secretly? Ask your crush out for coffee anonymously

Invite your crush on date anonymously with Callitme

We have seen our crushes becoming someone else’s wife or husband. We simply were not comfortable in asking our crush out. We were too scared, feared rejection. Naturally, we don’t like to be rejected. Especially by someone who we really like. It breaks out heart. The world seems to be falling apart. The world seems so small. Despite so many other girls and guys, who we could choose from, we still want that one particular person. So many hearts are broken in those years. Rarely would there be anyone who has not experienced this pain.

In some cases, both the guy and the girl wanted to go out but they both were too shy to ask out. They never ended up going out. After few years, they regret that they wish they had asked. Time flies by and it becomes too late.

Callitme lets you invite your crush anonymously for coffee or lunch. If you like someone, spend some time and get to know each other. If you already know the person but you are too scared to express your feelings, we understand. You don’t want to lose your crush. What if you express the feelings and that expression increases the distance and makes you guys strangers to each other. There is risk.

With Callitme, we eliminated that risk. Use the invite tool to ask the crush out. Your crush will not know who are you unless the crush also has crush on you. Isn’t that amazing? You get to express your feelings and your crush gets to choose you. You both will get a fair shot.

Don’t wait. Send her a request for coffee today!

Image Credit: the_demonmax. Text modified.