Humanize your brand with Callitme – Learn to bond with your customers

Callitme, the first and only social platform which allows people review other people, provides multiple other benefits. First, you think of your business, but there are some health benefits of using this platform as well, but we’ll talk about them later.

Back to business, social networking platforms bring people together. In terms of business, this means that your company will becomes more visible and gains a certain shade of humanity. With Callitme, this humanity is stronger, as people are reviewing all your employees, from the highest CEO to the last intern employed.

Humans first appeared on Earth 6 million years ago, when the first human-like individual was born. Since we’ve evolved a lot during a long period of time; however, since the Palaeolithic times, humans stopped their evolution. The way they think and the way they act, on involuntary level, is the same. Stress is being taken as danger, because Paleo humans were hunted by wild beasts. And this is only one example of how humans think and act, which cannot be changed.

Now, let’s get back to our ultra high-tech world: we use technology to interact with one another, but the brain uses the same functions which were used for face to face interaction, during Palaeolithic times. So the more human your brand is, the closer it is to the wide public.

And here is where Callitme enters the stage: as people are able to review and read reviews of people who work in your company, they will be prone to see your brand closer than others. They know who works in that company; they know what dreams that people have and that the company they work for is one of the means which helps them accomplish that dreams. And this is what social media is all about: if you use Callitme right, you get to be authentic, real, credible. All the three are important when you need to build a database of clients and providers.

Speaking about providers, they are also humans, despite they’ve trained their minds to be more technical. By default, they act the same way your customers act: they love to see humanity in your brand, thus they are more prone to choose your company to do business with, rather than a company that is offline. And here the term offline has two meanings: the actual technical term of being offline and the secondary term of being closed for the public, enclosed in an unbreakable shell. Would you trade goods with a brand whose CEO is labelled as “Optimist”, “Friendly”, “Thoughtful” and “Social” on the social reviewing platform Callitme or with a CEO whose resume only lists his best contracts?

People are instinctively attracted by faces, feelings and humanity: this is what makes the difference between two great brands, when the time comes to make a decision. Cognitively, a person will choose the brand which is closer to his/her soul, so make your best to keep your social media accounts up to date in order to create engagement and brand loyalty. Go that extra mile and create an account on Callitme, the people reviews platform, as part of your effort to create a social network.

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