Meeting Strangers is Fun – Take it Normally


Somehow we got a perception that strangers are weird and you should stay away from them. We don’t really believe in that. We were all strangers to someone who we know today.

When we get out of our comfort zones to meet new people and make new friends, we do enjoy life more. Do you really want to be limited with friends that you have now? We all start with a lot of friends in life and then the number keeps on decreasing.

We tend to make less friends after high school or college. People rarely develop deeper connections and make new friends at later part of their life. In order to bridge this gap, there are professional networking events and meetups. However, the experience of most people is not as delightful.

Professional networks focus on what they can get out of you and so do the meetups. The essential lack is that people are not there to make friends.

We believe in having bunch of friends. You should go and meet strangers. Just because you two have never talked before doesn’t meet you should perceive each their strangely and conclude that you are bad for each other.

You should exercise a bit caution who you are meeting though. Just check their reviews and their percentile before you consider something serious.

Happy strange people meeting!