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We have rated and reviewed products, services and businesses. We have written  professional recommendations for others and received for ourselves. Now, we will review people.  Is someone #marriagable, #dateable, #workable or #social? Find out at callitme. Websites such as LinkedIn provided a platform for users to ask for professional review and sites like Yelp helped businesses to be reviewed by customers. There are certain advantages of a review website. First, it lets the users write a review based on their personal experience. Second, it enhances businesses brands. Third, it increases the visibility of little known businesses. Fourth, it increases competition which encourages businesses to compete to provide better service. The professional recommendation website offers similar advantages for an individual. It increases the overall visibility and thus marketability of a user if good recommendations are received. callitme adopted the approach of reviewing individuals.  In callitme, you can recommend, and tag your friends with personality attributes. You are able to review anyone who you are connected with in callitme.  Soon, we plan to add indexes such as “marriagiability index”, “dateability index” for a user and compare those indexes with another member. You will also be able to review the public personalities like actors and politicians.

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