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Tired of Hearing all the Humble Brags?


We have seen people making so much noise about themselves on various websites. Everyone is showing off how cool they, what great things the have done, how are so unique or why should you really become their fan. Callitme puts that “self brag” to test. Just search for someone you will find out who they […]

How to build trust online?

Building trust online has become increasingly difficult as more and more fake profiles are created. Search for an individual yields hundreds of results. Several of them created by individuals themselves and many of them by scraping the web. Most of the profiles are inaccurate, unreliable and at least questionable. That’s it’s important to have an […]

Scammers Taking Over Indian Matrimonial Sites

Indian matrimonial websites have also a lot of scammers. Several news of online scams appear in the dailies. That’s why it’s essential to check a person’s profile in callitme before you consider meeting or dating them. Some popular Indian Social Matrimonial Websites such as Maangu and Nepal’s largest Social Matrimony website NepaliVivah have differentiated themselves […]