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Tired of Hearing all the Humble Brags?


We have seen people making so much noise about themselves on various websites. Everyone is showing off how cool they, what great things the have done, how are so unique or why should you really become their fan. Callitme puts that “self brag” to test. Just search for someone you will find out who they […]

What is Online reputation?

Some early technologist thought that you live two lives and you have to maintain a good reputation in both of them–Online life and Offline life. People born few decades ago had no dirt on them because they had only one life, the Offline life. Now, because of technology, it’s easy to create and transmit dirt […]

Online branding – What’s your value online?

Much of the phrase Online Branding is circulated by several marketers.  What is online branding? Simply put, it’s how you are perceived in this digital age. When you type your name in google, facebook or any other engines, your name appears with good or bad links. Whether you want to buy a particular phone or […]