The Love and Hate with Callitme

At the Harvard in Tech conference 2014 in New York, we met several others. While others seemed to be in love or neutral with Callitme, one gentleman in particular (he didn’t have a name tag) said that he is not interested and left. He was obviously the most unimpressive guy in the crowd of more than two hundred people. We wondered, on that table of four, what could have potentially triggered his reaction.

 In general, some people want to be reviewed and some people don’t. One of the reasons people don’t go online is because of privacy matters. But Callitme Reviews doesn’t have much private or sensitive information. As an option, some people choose not to join any site that would compromise with privacy.

Others like to be reviewed and write a review about the people they know. Unless you are scared of dirt that you may have accumulated over the years, you should be okay.  Remember, Callitme helps to establish trust on the internet. Also note that no one is perfect.  It is up to the reader to judge.

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