So, what’s a good way to explain what Callitme is!

Let’s keep it simple:

Callitme is your crowd profiling network where you can review your friends & family, match your single friends, anonymously ask your crush out for a date, and find singles around you.

Callitme is:

  • People review site (remember reviewing products, businesses? well now you get to review people. see in real time what people think about you.)
  • Social dating site (let your friends and family match you. sending a cold message to some guy or a girl sucks! ┬álet others take in charge of helping you find a date)
  • Anonymous dating site (no one wants to be rejected. express your feelings freely. your crush will not know about you unless they have a crush on you as well)
  • Local dating (you don’t wanna become Christopher Columbus and voyage around the world in search of a girl/guy. a great match may be your next door neighbor)

Callitme is not:

  • Blind dating or poking site
  • Cold dating site (if you like cold dating, there are plenty. go to and send to hundreds)
  • Social network

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